Online Global Collaboration with
Flat Connections Projects
April 29, 2015

Flat Connections Global Projects have exciting global collaborations happening this semester February - June, 2015, with participants from many corners of the globe. Students and teachers from K-12 are connecting, collaborating and learning together through the fully managed and supported projects Flat Connections brings to them. The logistics and mentoring that goes into each of these projects to make them a success is always challenging, but Julie Lindsay has continued to refine the ever-evolving process with the help of experienced, tech-savvy project managers.

As Julie tells us, “Online global collaboration is about building communities for sharing and learning about the world with the world. Every school should be embedding global collaborative opportunities to not only engage students but to prepare them for their future in the digital and flat world.”

Teachers and schools are invited NOW to consider joining a Flat Connections Global Project starting in September 2015. There are projects for Kindergarten level up to senior High School. Comprehensive teacher guides for each project share the aims and objectives and expected workflow and outcomes. What is really special about a Flat Connections project is the teacher community that comes together to build global learning experiences for the students - teachers share it is often the best professional development they have had for a long time!

Take this opportunity to learn more about connected and collaborative learning through keeping up to date with Flat Connections News. Also watch this webinar recording, ‘From Connections to Community, Learn How!’, presented by Theresa Allen, and focusing on building global collaboration using Edmodo.

Don’t forget to explore professional development opportunities, including the online Flat Connections Global Educator certificate.

We look forward to sharing, connecting and working with you!

Julie Lindsay
Director, Learning Confluence Pty Ltd
Founder, Flat Connections

“Flat Connections Global Project”
FCGP15-1 led by Amy Jambor and Sheri Williams, engages high school age students in global collaboration. This semester students are working in teams to explore the emerging technologies found in the 2014 K-12 Horizon Report. Over ten to twelve weeks, students consistently communicate, collaborate, and create in a global community. Over 300 students across six countries are collaboratively sharing ideas and resources and authoring using a wiki and Google docs. Their goal is to co-develop the creation of an infographic based on their team research. Additionally, students will create personal multimedia responses about the specific topic they researched that will include outsourced video clips from their global team members. Students have a unique opportunity to grow as leaders as several participants take on the role of Student Leader. Such responsibilities include conducting online student leader meetings, encouraging and supporting peers, and overseeing team research and development. Student feedback consistently references flat learning as the ultimate connected experience in education.
This semester students have interacted with the FCGP15-1 keynote speaker, David Deeds, who delivered a webinar called NMC Horizon Report and the Tomorrow Student, and the discussion continues online today.

FCGP 15-1 Participants
Ann Rooney
Wilderness School
Samantha Barron
Quest Charter Academy
Brian McLaughlin
Sheri Williams
Berea-Midpark High School, Middleburg Heights Junior High
Toni Knotek
Berea-Midpark High School, Middleburg Heights Junior High
Rania Elkassem, Marlene Noujaim
USL International School
Cindy Nickodam
Jonesville Middle School
Lisa Lrey
Valley High School
Roger Crider
Franklin Regional Senior High
Tricia Schubert
Robert Bateman Secondary School
BC, Canada
Andrew Churches
Kristin School
New Zealand
Anne Mirtschin
Hawkesdale P-12 College
Ann Lautrette
British School Jakarta