Student Summits - Flat Connections Global Project

Student Summit Schedule FCGP15-1

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What is a Student Summit?

As a culmination to the project, classrooms are invited to schedule virtual presentations within a virtual synchronous classroom. These sessions run for about 45-60 minutes. They provide an opportunity for students to talk about their work during the project, based on their team and topic. They also provide a virtual learning experience and real-time interaction with an international audience on a professional level. In other words, they flatten the walls of the classroom by inviting the world in and providing a platform for students to present and share their knowledge and to learn valuable digital citizenship lessons.
This is a positive and rewarding experience for all involved and a great confidence booster.

Preparing for a Student Summit

Each student will have the opportunity to speak. It is suggested they prepare a personal slide that can be shown in the virtual classroom while they are speaking.
Typical topics include:
  • Explaining the topic and theme for their part of the project
  • Highlights of working with student in other schools and countries
  • Challenges of working with students in other schools and countries
  • What they learned about the topic
  • What they learned about the technology
  • Advice for future participants

Suggested methodology for a Student Summit (this was provided by teachers in the past)

  1. Students prepare a collage showing snapshots of their project and what it has meant to them eg screen dumps of their group, people involved, screen grab of their topic, video etc The collage is prepared on a MS Powerpoint slide and saved as a jpg.
  2. Students prepare a script so they can talk through the slide describing what each of the images meant to them (eg brief description of their topic, the group they were in, the challenges, highlights, learning outcomes, advice for future participants etc.)
  3. One student is allocated the task of briefly introducing the school and location. (A prepared script helps with the nerves!)
  4. Teacher uploads student jpg images or slides to the virtual classroom.
  5. The teacher takes on the role of moderator.
  6. Each student takes a turn to show ‘n tell, speak to their slide and then answer any questions from the global audience that might be present.
  7. The session is recorded and available for archiving and future retrieval.

Who will help teachers?

The Projects Managers, Amy and Sheri will support this, but in particular our 'all projects' coordinator, Yvonne will be supporting the schedule and facility with the virtual classroom. It is important each class books a time in advance so preparations can be made.

Pair up!

We encourage classrooms to pair up and run summits at the same time in the same room! This provides for a much more interesting summit - we will also help you do this.

Summits are global!

Every student summit will have a global audience - in other words someone or others not in the immediate school or class will be at the summit. An audience will be provided as long as we have advance notice and can plan and prepare. Once again this provides the opportunity for all students to be professional presenters and communicate effectively with the world.

Virtual classroom

There is a choice of platforms for the Student Summit:
  • Blackboard Collaborate
  • Fuzebox
Each teacher in the project will have a supporting person with them for the summit to help manage the room. It is suggested as a class management option that another teacher be in the actual classroom with you to help trouble shoot technical and other issues.